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Apple Good for Health

Apple is good for health, this is may be the only fruit when taken one a day, can keep the doctor away. This is a pomaceous edible fruit which is also called by its scientific name, Malus domestica. Apple originated in Central Asia, however, it is majorly grown in Asia and as well as Europe. However, China has almost 50% of this production and United States is the second leading producer of the same. Though the word apple is a widespread and usual name to call, it is also familiar with the synonyms called Malus communis or Malus pumila or Pyrus malus. These fruits grow with the apple tree of Malus domestica species which are from the rose family.

Yummy Apples

History of Apple

Apples are not new, but had been heard and seen in many ancient cultures like the Norse, Greek and also the Christian. It preserved its position in the history, being the first fruit tree that had been cultivated and has been improved multiple times in these thousands of years. Surprisingly, it was treated as a forbidden fruit in the ancient Garden of Eden, where the Adam and the Eve had shared this. May be, if they have know the actual taste and the health benefits of the fruit, Adam might have not resisted himself and Eve to have had it initially. Apple trees are originated from Kazakhstan, which are mineral rich mountain ranges. And now, it is in cultivation in many parts of the world.

Few lines on Apple - Apple as Fruit

Apple as fruit is shaped either oval or pear. To speak about few lines on apple, the colour of the outer skin would be in different colours, depend on the type of cultivar. According to the existing cultivar types, various colours of this fruit are red-skinned, yellow, and green and also in dark red which is close to black. Complete benefits of this fruit can be obtained only when the same is eaten along with the outer skin. The pulp inside the outer skin is juicy when chewing and would be in cream colour or close to white. The taste of this pulp is like sweet mixed with tart. Inside the deep core of the fruit, seeds are found and they cannot be eaten because of their bitter taste. This fruit is considered to be eaten as table fruit as well as dessert at post meal.

Varieties of Apple fruit and Apple Identification

The apples we consume are generally of limited range, I mean we see a few varieties. There are various kinds of apples with various tastes and various colours. Let us see these different varieties of apples.

  • Baldwin apple: It is prominent in red and yellow with sweet-tart flavored taste.
  • Cortland apple: This is red coloured apple tasting crispy and juicy of sweet tart pulp.
  • Gala apple: It looks beautiful in rosy red outer skin colour which is again crispy as well as juicy.
  • Crab apple: It is generally available in small sizes, coloured with rosy red. Jellies are made with this fruit.
  • Granny Smith apple: It is found in freckled and bright green skin. It stays fresh for 240 days longer when stored in refrigerators.
  • Criterion apple: The outer skin of this apple is coloured with two. Green highlights over bright red outer skin makes it more beautiful and tempting to grab and finish it instantly.
  • Lady apple: The colours of this apple range from red to yellow. It looks more beautiful when garnished.
  • Rome Beauty apple: The beauty is in its red outer skin along with its yellow speckling.
Granny Smith Apples

Apple Fruit Nutritional Value - Apple for Health

People started believing that health is wealth. This slowly led people to make some healthy habits regular like having a fruit every day. Those health and fitness lovers’ choice is this delicious and crunchy fruit.

Apple won its crown among fruits because of the notable list of Phyto –nutrients and also the anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, Vitamin C and beta-carotene that are present in it. The first two components play a vital role for normal growth of the body, development of health and in fact the overall well being of the human body. It is also rich in the fiber called dietary fiber, which prevents the absorption of the cholesterol.

Not just the above, apples contain minerals also in small amounts. To list, the minerals required for the body we can get from apples are potassium, calcium and also phosphorous. Out of these three, potassium plays an important role in maintaining a healthier heart. It controls the rate of heart beat and thereby controls the blood pressure.

An apple is enriched with Phyto-nutrients which are indispensable for a healthier body. It is basically specialized for the antioxidants present in it. These antioxidants helps us in many ways.

Proximate Composition of the Apple

Per 100 grams of edible portion
84.6 g
0.2 g
0.5 g
0.3 g
Crude Fiber
1.0 g
13.4 g
59 Kcal.
10 mg
14 mg
0.660 mg

Apple Fruit Health Benefits

Apple improves the overall health of the body. However, let us explore why and which part of the body is protected from this fruit.

Dental Benefit with Apple

To start with the health benefits of apple, I shall begin with the dental benefits. It increases the production of saliva when biting and chewing. This production of saliva reduces the chances of tooth decay by the bacteria, well the prevention and reduction.

Apple for young mind

The aging of the brain can never be in proportion to our age if we continuously or regularly have or consume the apple juice, because it keeps the disease of Alzheimer away.

Cancer and Apple

The fear of cancer can be no more with an apple a day. About 23% of reduction of risk of pancreatic cancer is possible especially with flavonoid-rich apples.

Diabetes and Apple

Diabetes chances would be reduced by almost 28% with daily consumption of this fruit.

Obesity and Apple

Good news to all obese bodies. The fiber which is soluble in this fruit could bind with the fats present in the intestine. It finally translates into the low level of cholesterol levels decreasing the chances for cholesterol.

Heart becomes smarter with Apple

Apple helps you maintain a healthy heart. Highly soluble fibre and phenolic compounds, which are present in apple and its skin, can prevent the cholesterol getting into the system of the body. This will have an effect on the artery walls which would be solidified and making the heart to be healthier preventing from coronary artery disease.

Flushing the body with an Apple everyday

Vitamin C present in this fruit makes you increase the resistance against the agents which are infectious. It also scavenges the harmful and pro-inflammatory free radicals away from the human body. The B-complex vitamin is sourced from apple. Examples for such vitamins are riboflavin, thiamine and also pyridoxine.

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