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Pineapple Nutritional Benefits

Pineapple bears the scientific name as Ananas comosus. It is a tropical fruit tasting a blend of sweet and tart. Pineapple is actually not fruit, in fact, is a compound with a combination of individual berries that get to the central stalk. Pineapples are consumed directly after peeling off, juiced, cooked. These fruits are found in many cuisines too.

These fruits are chopped into various curvy shapes and taken as snacks and are sold at roadside shops too. Small cored pineapples are well garnished with colorful cherries to serve the fruit. They are ideally good for desserts like salads and also find as main ingredients in the dishes like hamburgers and pizzas as stuffs and toppings. The pulp of the fruit is crushed to be added into yogurt, jams, ice-creams and jams. The juice of pineapple is served as beverages and in the preparation of Pina Colada, which is a cocktail.

The fruit of pineapple tree as well as root, of it can be eaten directly. The same also have applications for anti inflammatory purposes too.

Not only for the nutritional and health benefits, pineapples are also significantly part of many cultures. Since long till now, there has been a practice of welcoming ships after long extended voyages with pineapples and show hospitality. In the cartoon of SpongeBob SquarePants, the house of SpongeBob is made in the shape of a pineapple.

Europe and America are native and the major countries where these pineapples are widely found. However, its major production is in Philippines in South Asia. Spanish people know and call it as pina and also anana.

History of Pineapple

Pineapple plants and pineapples are native to South America, particularly from Paraguay. However the first commercial plantation had taken place long after its discovery in 1886, though the historical data says that it has been available from 1550 itself. The word pineapple was first time used in the year 1398.

Presently, major cultivation of pineapples has taken place in the Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Chile, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Mexico, Vietnam, Columbia and Malaysia in the same order of production.

Pineapple Tree

Pineapple tree is a multiple berry fruit which is edible.  These tropical and near tropical trees are from the bromeliacease family, which are grown in. These trees take a long time about 20 to 24 months to flower and post to which another six months are taken to fruit these pineapples. These plants are herbaceous perennial plants which grow from 1 to 1.5 meters and also a little taller. The plant looks short and bushy with stocky stems and its leaves are waxy and tough. These flowers are colored from lavender, light purple and also red. About 200 flowers are blossomed to make one fruit to be fruitful. After all these flowers are flowering, then all fruits of these flowers are combined and joined together to fruit final pineapple.

Pineapple fruits are not ripen after harvesting and so, should be picked after they are ripe with the tree itself. However, if the primary pineapple fruit harvesting is done earlier, another crop is also could be developed for the production of small fruits. 
Apart from the pineapple fruits, these trees also give useful leaves. These leaves find extensive applications in producing pina, which is a textile fiber. This pina is generally employed as a furnishings and wallpaper.

The top crown shaped part of the pineapple is used to plant in the soil in order to grow new pineapple plant. 

Fresh Pineapple Image

How Pineapple looks

The shape of a pineapple is oval and cylindrical and weighs around 1 pound to 8 pounds usually, and more rarely. The average and the usual size of it are around 12 inches.

The external surface of the pineapple is so rough, but uniformly well textured. This rind with tough and scaly surface looks in dark green when not ripe and transitioned to yellow and close to orange color after it is ripe.

The pulp and flesh, internal to this fruit looks in creamy white to light yellow color changed according to the levels it ripe. The flavor of this fruit gives strong odour, with taste with the combination of tart and sweet.

Varieties of Pineapple Available

There is a broad categorization of these fruits is done in four groups, called Smooth cayenne, Red Spanish, Qeen and Abacaxi. These four groups of varieties of pineapples are again classified into the sub varieties of these fruits.

Nutrients in Pineapple

Pineapple is abundantly a great source of manganese of about 76%. One serving in a cup can supply the necessary Daily Value of manganese requirement to the human body. Another important healthy nutrient source is vitamin C of about 131% Daily Value supplied and thiamin with one cup serving of this fruit. This is also a considerable source of photolytic enzyme, bromelain especially available from its stem. This nutrient is helpful to break down the proteins. This pineapple juice with sufficient bromelain amounts in it can be used for meat tenderizer and also for meat marinade. These enzymes are destroyed when pineapple is used for canning and cooking, but can be well preserved when are used in the preparation of jellies, desserts etc.

Apart from supplying Daily Value from this fruit, it is recommended as it has low saturated fat, sodium levels and cholesterol, which are not good for health.

Pineapple Nutritional Value

All values are per 100gms
Water in Pineapple
Protein in Pineapple
Fat in Pineapple
Minerals in Pineapple
Crude Fiber in Pineapple
Carbohydrates in Pineapple
Energy in Pineapple
Calcium in Pineapple
Phosphorous in Pineapple
Iron in Pineapple

Pineapple Nutritional Benefits and Health Benefits

Is pineapple good for health? To have an answer for this question, here under are some of the potential pineapple fruit benefits.

Pineapple fights against the mechanism of cancer

Potential researches done on pineapples resulting the data that the bromelain present in pineapple can reduce and fight against the mechanism of cancer reducing the chances of cancer in the human body.

Pineapple is a reliever from cold and cough

All pineapple fruits consist of rich Vitamin C which effectively fights with the cold, cough and also loosen mucus. 

Pineapple for better digestion

Bromelain, which is an enzyme present in these fruits chops up the proteins for excellent digestion and so better the digestive system better. 

Pineapple for sore throat

Pineapple juice is a direct and best medicine for sore throats. 

Pineapple expel intestinal worms

Have pineapple juice with a little honey for three successive mornings to expel the worms present in the intestines.

Pineapple in Indian Languages

Indian Language
Local Name
Pineapple in Bengali
Pineapple in Guajarati
Pineapple in Hindi
Pineapple in Kannada
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Pineapple in Punjabi
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Kayitha Chakka
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Sapuri Anasianas
Pineapple in Tamil
Anasi pazham
Pineapple in Telugu
Anasa pandu

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