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Kiwi Fruit Benefits for Health

A kiwi fruit, which is also widely called as simply kiwi is an edible berry with an excellent source of vitamin C. it is a medium sized fruit with a size of an egg. It tastes uniquely sweet and cannot be compared with the tastes of other fruits. It is grown from the family of Actinidia. Its unique sweetness of the kiwifruits has been skyrocketed to 667% during 80s in California in the US.

It can be regularly consumed as the garnished item after slicing them or can be eaten directly. To make it be used as gelatins, in the preparations of jellies, it is needed to be cooked for some time and then added. These fruits are suitable for sweet dishes and savory. 

Since these fruits can be preserved with frozen temperature, these fruits are available throughout the year. This is one of the few fruits which would become sweeter after picking them. The ready to eat flavor can be decided to be ready when they are touched soft when touches and it should not be bruised or wrinkled. These are also can be stored in the refrigerators at home to preserve for around two weeks.

Ripeness of the fruits can be done by placing the raw kiwis in the plastic bag. The ripe process can be made rigorous, by placing a banana or an apple which releases the ethylene gas. 

Kiwi crop has now spread to many countries like Italy, Chile, France, Greece and New Zealand. The basic Kiwifruit cultivated in China presently is in the name of Macaque peach. There are about 60 species available like A.deliciosa, A. chinensis, A. coriacea, A. arguta etc. from the genus Actinidia. However, the most common fruit in Kiwi is from A. deliciosa and this fruit is named as fuzzy fruit. Then golden kiwifruits are obtained from A. chinensis with appearance of beak shape which are sweeter are fast perishable. The size and skin vary in the shapes, colour and also in external hairiness. The taste of the fruit varies along with the texture, colour and juiciness of the flesh. 

History of Kiwi Fruit and Kiwi Fruit Facts

Kiwi fruit is originated from the Southern China and so wins the crown of a national fruit in this country. Other species of Kiwi also originate from the Asian countries, India and Japan with some more species are from Siberia. The cultivation had been started in China and spread to the other countries like New Zealand, where the international export had been started for Kiwifruits, after its commercial planting here in 1937. With this Kiwifruit also has become part of its national symbol. 

Kiwi Fruit Tree

Kiwi trees can be grown in the temperate climates with summer heat necessary. These trees are grown with the structures on sturdy supports, as they are basically creepy and trailing. They need vigorous pruning, the same as needed for the grapevines. 

Kiwi Fruit Image

Kiwi Fruit Description

The skin of the kiwi is fibrous coloured with dull greenish-brown. When it is cut, it looks so bright with the golden flesh in green color. It consists of the tiny seeds which are edible in black. Kiwi has a soft texture.

The skin of the kiwifruit can be edible, which could be removed using a small knife. Right after peeling off, it should be eaten without delaying otherwise, it will be soggy. 

Varieties of Kiwi Fruit Available

The native country, China calls its name as Yang tao which also means as Chinese Gooseberry. Later its name had been changed to Melonette. Later in 1962, this fruit was named with the present name called Kiwifruit in New Zealand. There are many other varieties are found in China with the names of yang tao, mi hou tao, qi yi gio, mi hou li, teng li, mu zi, mao mu guo. The most commonly available kiwi fruit available from the stores is Hayward. Another kind, Saanichton 12 kiwis are sweeter than Hayward with a tough inner core. 

Baby kiwifruit is hard being a fast growing fruit. These fruits are also referred with various names like dessert kiwi and grape kiwi. 

Nutrients in Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi has been ranked as one of the top nutritious fruits in the year 1992. Kiwifruit is nutrient rich and are a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin E with rich dietary fiber. The seeds can extract omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid of 62% in the form of the seed oil. This fruit also contains beta- carotene. 

It is rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and also copper. 

Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi Fruit provides Immunity for new mothers

It is used to improve the immunity of a woman right of the childbirth and this is still in practice of medicine in Chinese. 

Kiwi Fruit develops good Immune system in children

Children also find it is beneficial to improve their immune system. Consumption of daily kiwi by children from 5 to 7 years old could reduce the chances of wheezing to 44 percent, compared to the others, according to studies conducted by Respiratory Medicine Journal. 

Kiwi fruit is Anti - Obese

Consuming kiwi fruit on a regular basis, can facilitate the weight loss. 

Health and wellness with Kiwi Fruit

The overall health of the person consuming on a regular basis can be improved to a great extent. 

ARMD and Kiwi Fruit

Age related macular degeneration against which is protected with the help of anti-oxidants properties of kiwi fruits.

Kiwi fruit improves quality of sleep

Adults suffering from sleepless problems could find kiwi as the best medicine. According to the survey conducted by the Asia Pacific Journal, the quality of the sleep in adults could be significantly improved with the kiwi fruit consumption on a daily basis. 

Kiwi Fruit for easier digestion

Make a regular habit of taking one fruit after the meal, especially if you have any digestion problems, because the enzymes called actinidain resolve the protein for faster digestion of heavier foods too.

Kiwi fruit controls the blood pressure

It counteracts the effect of sodium thereby balancing electrolytes from the high levels of potassium available in kiwi. So, it manages the blood pressure eventually.

Kiwi fruit reduces impotence issues

Amino acid arginine, which is a vasodilator, would resolve the issues of impotence.

Kiwi fruit relaxes you from stress

Kiwi contains serotonin in high levels, so relaxes the mind and body from the stress conditions.

Hypertension and Kiwi fruit

Since the sodium to potassium ration is well balanced in kiwi, hypertension is well controlled and prevented.

Better eye health with Kiwi fruit

Kiwi contains of phytochemicalsóxanthophylls in rich levels, which improves the eye health by improving the retina in the eye.

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