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Nutritional Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry is a unique sweet fruit, which has seeds on its outside and looks so glorious with dark red color on it. These fruits are also called as Fragaria ananassa, as its scientific name and are a hybrid species of Rosaceae family.  Strawberry flavors with strange aroma with a juicy texture and is very sweet to taste.

It is so frequently taken in Wimbledon and has become synonymous to this word. About 27,000 kilos of strawberries are consumed during this championship along with the strawberry cream of 7,000 litres.

This is a favorite fruit for many and so consumed daily with large quantities. Like many other fruits, this strawberry is also used to prepare other foods like ice creams, milkshakes, chocolates and of course juices. For the characteristics of its aroma it is quite often used to the flavor of several industrialized food products. Consumption of strawberries for at least two weeks for a year can gain plenty benefits from them. 

These fruits can be frozen and preserved for longer usage and consumption of them as cereals, bars, etc. They are best used with the dairy products called ice creams, yogurts, smoothies and milkshakes. The cream made with strawberries is a favorite dessert frequently taken at Wimbledon. They are popular as the foods like strawberry pie, shortcake, strawberry rhubarb pie. Strawberry juice is so tasty and added to cocktails in more concentrated levels. Strawberries are very energetic foods with lots of kilos of calories, virtually with no fat. 

History of Strawberry

The name strawberry has been derived from streawbelige or streowberie. Strawberries were widely grown in gardens of many fruit lovers right from the 14th century. Wide cultivation of them was in full swing in mid 1500s it. 

Strawberries were started in its commercial cultivation had been started first time in the 17th century. Then they started growing as part of their garden plant in gardens as garden strawberries in France during the 18th century. Considerable growth and cultivation had taken place after the awareness of male-only and female-only flowers in the same 18th century. 

These fruits were mentioned specially for medicinal purpose in the ancient literature of Roman during 14th century itself. It was also mentioned in the manuscripts by the western European monks.  The arts of German, Italian and Flemish also have mentioned this fruit at many instances and also in English miniatures. 

The total production of strawberries is more than 4 million tons. The largest production of strawberries is found in the US with over 1.2 million tons of strawberries. All the other countries which are in production of strawberries almost produce about one fifth of this production. Other countries and places which stand in the following production are Spain, Turkey, Egypt, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Poland, Germany, Italy and Morocco.

Strawberry Tree

Strawberry plants are grown and best for production for the first two years and they are preferred to be placed with the new plants. However, they are also plants which would give production for more than two years, when grown in multiple rows. This method is preferred in cold climates. These plants show day length sensitivity for flowering habits.

Strawberry plants also can be grown from its seeds and this method is not in practice for commercial cultivation but to some extent in home gardens. These plants can also be grown in indoors also in the special strawberry pots. 

The flowers of strawberry trees look in hermaphroditic structure and are in white color with five petals. 

Strawberries are picked from its plants after they are completely ripe. The sign of fully ripe is a uniform colour of the fruit. While picking, it is ensured that a small part of the stem is retained with the fruit. These berries are not supposed to be washed until just before their consumption. To preserve them, they must be well covered and placed in shallow pan and then refrigerated.

Raw Strawberries Image

Strawberry Description

Strawberry is understood technically as fruit made of aggregate accessory fruit, as the flesh is derived and accumulated from the receptacle.  The external colour of strawberries varies from light red to dark bright red. Strawberry seeds are found not inside, but outside these fruits and counts near to 200. 

Varieties of Strawberry

Huge varieties of strawberries are available, as they do differ in many aspects of their colors, sizes, shapes, flavors, varied seasons to ripe and also to the degree of the fertility. They are cultivated in various methods and most of the commercial production implements plasticulture system. 

There are variant strawberries, which also look in white and yellow and some of them also taste similar to the taste of pineapples.

Nutrients in Strawberry

Not only strawberry fruit, the entire plant of it, can be used for medicinal purposes for its rich nutrition values. Strawberries contain tens of chemicals that are beneficial for the human health. It has won its place among the top 20 fruits with rich antioxidants. Strawberries have a high amount of calories, approximately 45 kilo calories in one cup of fruits. It is an excellent source of vitamin C. About eight strawberry fruits, would provide vitamin C, which is more than an orange. It is also sourced with potassium, manganese, folate and dietary fiber. 

Daily Value of vitamin C can be obtained more than orange, as it can give 140% of the daily recommended amount. 

Nutritional Values of Strawberry

All values are per 100gms
Water in Strawberry
Protein in Strawberry
Fat in Strawberry
Minerals in Strawberry
Crude Fiber in Strawberry
Carbohydrates in Strawberry
Energy in Strawberry
Calcium in Strawberry
Phosphorus in Strawberry
Iron in Strawberry

Health Benefits of Strawberry

Strawberry for whitening of teeth

Strawberries when chewed and eaten direct raw, can help whiten the teeth. The stains from the teeth are removed from the acids present in it. 

Strawberry fights against cancer cells

The ellagic acid, which are special substances present in these fruits can fight against the cancer cells and could potentially prevent the cancer. 

To reduce cholesterol eat Strawberry

The flavonoids, present and found from the red color of these fruits, have the capability to reduce the cholesterol thereby reducing the heart problems. 

Strawberry burns the fat at waistline

Strawberries when consumed with a little black pepper sprinkled on its top would show considerable change in the waistline. 

Strawberry improves overall health

The rich nutrients present, which are lengthy to specify preserve the health of human without potential diseases. Many health conscious families have made them a part of a regular diet.

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